April 03, 2016

Photo Journal: Coastal Inspiration

Locations featured:

Watergate Bay, Cornwall. Newquay, Cornwall. Hartland Quay, North Devon. Dungeness, Kent. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. The Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland. Galway, Ireland.

A small collection of photos from our travels along the coasts of the UK and Ireland. Living on the coast keeps us forever inspired by the shoreline, its ever changing landscape, the colours, the fact that no single two moments are ever the same as the sea moves and flows, millions of years of patterns, textures and beauty created by the constant motion and tides.

- Photos by Dean Hearne.
December 20, 2015

12 Photos from 2015 : Dean

Looking back is a strange thing. Going through a years worth of photos, taking time to reflect on moments that all passed by in what seems like a blur, being able to capture these moments with photography, does it mean you miss the actual moment itself, or cherish it more by being able to look back at it through the photo ? Who knows, I do know though that this has felt like our most creative and motivational year to date, and one that we will never forget. Dean x

1. Saying Goodbye to a Friend. 
2. Camp Vibes.
3. The Cornish Coast.
4. Through the Pines.
5. Glencoe.
6. Hartland Quay. 
7. Brecon Beacons.
8. The Coast. 
9. Dungeness Levitator.
10. Seven Sisters.
11. Eiffel Tower.
12. Paris Rooftops. 
December 20, 2015

12 Photos from 2015 : Jeska

What a year 2015 has been. Looking back on a year that seems to have passed by in a flash, we both feel like one thing that has progressed a lot this year is our photography. Something that is still a constant learning curve for us both, it has been a good exercise to choose our personal favourites of the year, and seeing them together - how we both seem to see the similar places we go and items we shoot in different ways. Here is my selection, and we both thank you all so so much for such an inspiring year. Jeska x

1. Paris Reflections. 
2. Slow Mornings.
3. Paris in the Spring.
4. Collections.
5. Botanical Gardens, Munich.
6. Self Portrait. 
7. Rue Crémieux, Paris.
8. My Urban Jungle. 
9. Sisterhood Adventures, Devon.
10. Lone Sheep in the Wild.
11. My Marlo.
12. December Festivities. 
November 27, 2015

2015 Christmas Shipping Dates

Is it that time of year already? Here is some information and a handy guide to let you know the last dates you would need to place an order to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas! Now that is all sorted, feel free to browse our favourite inspiring and unique artisan gifts perfect for not only the festive season, but to be cherished for years to come. 

Asia, Far East, New Zealand: Thursday 3rd December
Australia: Friday 4th December
Eastern Europe & Canada: Tuesday 8th December
USA & Western Europe: Monday 14th Dec 
UK: Friday 18th December @ 10am * From Friday 18th December to Sunday 20th customers must use guaranteed next day delivery option at checkout for delivery before Christmas.

PLEASE NOTE: Orders placed after 1pm on Sunday 20th December will not ship until January 4th 2016. :) Monday 21st of December is the very last day we will be posting orders out, these are not guaranteed to be delivered in time for Christmas unless express shipping is selected.

October 13, 2015

The Future Kept Pop-Up Shop @ West Elm London

The Future Kept Pop-Up Shop at West Elm London
We are very excited to announce our upcoming 4-day pop-up shop in collaboration with West Elm, which will run from the 29th October until the 1st November at their London store on Tottenham Court road.

Alongside our collection of goods, we will be bringing some exclusive items to the store including vintage ceramics and some new collaborations being finished as we speak. We'll be running a spoon carving workshop on the Saturday afternoon with Max from Forest + Found (booking information here) and an in-store photography competition where you can polish up on your styling and photography skills and have a chance to win £200 worth of gift cards from The Future Kept + West Elm.

Swing by, grab a coffee, and hang out for a while, we would love to meet as many of you as possible over the 4 days! - Jeska & Dean.

Thursday 29th October - 10am - 8pm
Friday 30th October - 10am - 7pm
Saturday 31st October - 10am - 7pm​
Sunday 1st November - 12pm - 6pm

West Elm
209 Tottenham Court Road,
W1T 7PN 
United Kingdom

October 10, 2015

The British Made Pocket Knife

16th October Update: It brings us great sadness to announce that unfortunately Trevor Ablett passed away this week, the world has lost a true inspiration and one of the greatest craftsman we had the pleasure of meeting. Our thoughts are with his family.

When our beloved Trevor Ablett announced his retirement earlier this year due to health, we couldn't see ourselves stocking another pocket knife. Trevor is one of a kind, every phone call with him was an inspiration, up until his recent retirement he was one of the few remaining craftsman knife makers creating British made pocket knives in a small Sheffield workshop, something he has been doing for over 50 years. Trevor is termed a "Little Mester" locally, this term was used to describe the legions of highly skilled, self-employed Sheffield craftsmen during the mid 1800's, who were the backbone of what was then the world's cutlery and tool-making capital.

Not long after he retired, Trevor personally contacted Joseph Rodgers knives on our behalf to say what a pleasure it was to work with us, and they should get in touch... We had been aware of the Joesph Rodgers knives due to their 300 year Sheffield history, and beautiful craftsmanship just like Trevor's creations. After building up such a relationship with Trevor, it was an honour to be recommended to them by him, and for us to continue to support a British industry and craft steeped in tradition.

The Star and Maltese Cross found on the Joseph Rodgers knives was originally registered in March 1682 by a Benjamin Rich. However, it is with Joseph Rodgers that this mark will forever by associated and they registered it in 1764. Rodgers focused on producing the finest quality knives and looked for the best in every aspect of knife production from materials to workmanship. Each knife was branded with the Star and Cross as a guarantee of its superb quality. It has been claimed that so great was Rodgers reputation for producing only the finest products that the word Rujjus, a variation on “Rodgers” entered into the Sinhalese dialect as a general expression of superlative quality.

Joseph Rodgers’ success is evident in the firm’s appointment to five successive sovereigns - George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward II and George V.

Sometimes things are meant to be, and as sad as it is that Trevor will no longer be making his knives, we can proudly say that we are the first store to be stocking the beautiful Joseph Rodgers knives using the same Yorkshire Oak handles as Trevor, handmade in Sheffield, with a history dating back to 1682. 
sheffield made pocket knife
June 16, 2015

Photo Journal ›

Photo Journal: Of The Deep

When Ernest Journal asked us to shoot a feature on John Lee and his collection of antique diving helmets, we were both excited and nervous at the same time. His collection is awe inspiring, it offers an insight into the history and importance of Whitstable, a town at the forefront of early diving exploration, each piece provides a vivid reminder of the dangers those intrepid explorers faced when venturing into the deep unknown for the first time.

Above is a selection of photography and outtakes shot on the day with John and his daughter Kirsty. For the full article and more pick up a copy of Ernest Journal issue 3 here.
May 21, 2015

Anniversary Giveaway

You can WIN £50 to spend on our site + this £70 weekend adventure kit that we are giving away in celebration of Jeska & I being together for 15 years today via our Instagram :)

1. Like this photo and follow @thefuturekept on Instagram
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3. Optional: tag two friends in the comments below for extra love. 

We will select the winner at random on May 27th and notify them on Instagram the same day by direct message. Open to residents of the UK Only.

Full prize details.
1 x £50 Gift Card to spend on the store
1 x British Made Recycled Throw
1 x Stop The Water Travel Kit
1 x Essence + Alchemy Hibernate Candle
1 x Pump Street Bakery Madagascar Milk Chocolate
1 x Vilda Vaxter Healing Salve

Terms & Conditions

1. This Promotion is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over.

2. Only one entry (first entry), fulfilling the eligibility requirements, will be accepted per person. Spammers will be disqualified.

3. The winner will be notified by Direct Message on Instagram no later than 27th May 2015. If the prize winner does not respond to this notification by 30th May 2015, the Promoter reserves the right to select an alternative prize winner at random from all remaining valid entries, with the originally selected winner forfeiting their right to the prize. The result of the draw is final and no correspondence will be entered into, except with the winner.

4. Entries must be submitted between 12:00pm GMT on 21/05/2015 (“Opening Date”) and 12:00pm GMT on 27/05/15 (“Closing Date”). Entries received before the Opening Date or after the Closing Date or entries received by any other means (e.g. in the post) will not be accepted.

5. No purchase necessary for entry.


May 01, 2015

Photo Journal ›

Photo Journal: Paris

We spent a beautiful few days in Paris recently, hopefully this visual guide says it all. It was certainly a struggle to edit down over 400 photos into the 24 that you see here.
Happy travels, here are our favourite 10 things to do in the city of Paris.

1. Take the 300 steps to the top of the Sacre Coeur, the views are breathtaking. 
2. Have lunch at the Holy Belly Cafe.
3. For the best coffee in Paris, visit Telescope & Fondation.
4. Browse one of the many amazing flower boutiques.
5. Have tea & cake at the Mosque, and go inside to view the wonderful buildings. 
6. Visit the botanical gardens (just opposite the Mosque, you can walk off the cake!)
7. Soak up the atmosphere that surrounds Place Des Vosges. 
8. Lose hours wandering around the Marais. 
9. Le Comptoir General. Coffee, cocktails and one of the most amazing spaces you will ever visit.
10. Wander along the banks of the Seine looking at the vintage book collections.
March 26, 2015

Introducing: Vilda Växter

Wild harvested in the mountains and forests of North Sweden, Vilda Växter fragrances, soaps and salves are carefully crafted from nature. Moss, bark, pine resin, wild flowers, plant sap, juniper, grasses and forest berries are all used with ancient techniques such as sun-infusion, tincturing and enfleurage, their products capture the freshness and fragrance of the wilderness. Meet the creators, an inspiring duo behind the latest exciting addition we are honoured to have in our store!

We would love to find out more about how you started Vilda Vaxter?
We officially created Vilda Vaxter in the fall of 2014. Before then we have been obsessed with infusing and tincturing plants to see what fragrances and natural colors we could extract. When we made our first pine salve we were captivated by the fragrance. It smelled wild and fresh, like stepping into a forest wilderness. From that moment on, we began experimenting with Swedish wildflowers and berries like mullein, red clover and yarrow, juniper and lingon, to make balms for friends and family. With such positive responses, we were inspired to make wildcrafted bar soaps and eventually perfumes and colognes.

You collect raw materials from the Swedish mountains and forests – could you tell us a little more about wildcrafting?
We didn't know what it was called when we first started doing it. The wilderness here in Sweden is lush with plants, trees and in some parts a thick blanket of moss that covers the forest floor. Wearing rain boots on morning hikes through the forest we find dense patches of trees with pine pitch oozing from the bark. From sitting on each other's shoulders harvesting hard-to-reach pine resin to crawling on the ground through three foot deep moss pillows, we realize wildharvesting, or wildcrafting, is closest to giving a name to what we do. We love being in the wilderness.

What first made you interested in making your own balms and perfumes?
Our inspiration comes from the fresh fragrances of plants and how we can transport them in a bottle, jar or bar of soap. The challenge of capturing these fragrances and the reward of being able to recall a place in the wilderness no matter where you are; I think that rests at the core of why we do what we do. Not to mention that most generic soaps, lotions and salves smell synthetic and stuffy. We wanted something real and fresh and we used our do-it-yourself ethic to get it done. Everything we do from designing our hand-drawn labels and logos to creating recipes from wildharvested plants, is done from the heart.

Did you teach yourselves or have a mentor to learn the techniques of creating scents and balms from wild plants?
As hikers and backpackers we are self-taught in the ways of wilderness exploration. Crushing cypress shoots in between our fingers and breathing in that citrusy, sweet fragrance; those things come naturally to us. The soapmaking required remembering a little high school chemistry and some trial and error to get it right. A lot of what we do is about experimentation at first: we are constantly creating new recipes and building on the best of what came before that.

What are your favourite areas for sourcing ingredients?
During the peak of summer you will find us wildharvesting in the mountains of Jämtland. Nature in the north is rugged and wildlife such as elk, lynx and bears roam free. The forests and mountains here are more isolated and untouched. We live in a modest 100-year-old log house overlooking glacial lakes and pine trees. In Jämtland we have the space and enough raw plant material to experiment with small-batch steam distillation and on-site tincturing and infusing of more delicate fragrances. In Skåne (the south of Sweden) the climate is warmer and spring comes earlier. Here we harvest spring birch leaves for soap and wildharvested tea. In Västra Götaland (outside Gothenburg), we harvest kåda (pine pitch) and a cornucopia of pine shoots, wildflowers, mushrooms and berries. The whole Scandinavian peninsula is our playground!

What did you both do before you decided to wild harvest full time?
Kerstin Wennberg is a certified Shiatsu therapist and Pax Chmara travelled the world working odd jobs. We never thought it was possible to make wildharvesting a full time business. In fact it is very early days still and we can't believe we're doing it! Without the support of intuitive and independent thinkers such as you all at The Future Kept, it just wouldn't be possible. Thank you!

View the full Vilda Växter collection here.