12 Photos from 2015 : Dean

12 Photos from 2015 : Dean
Looking back is a strange thing. Going through a years worth of photos, taking time to reflect on moments that all passed by in what seems like a blur, being able to capture these moments with photography, does it mean you miss the actual moment itself, or cherish it more by being able to look back at it through the photo ? Who knows, I do know though that this has felt like our most creative and motivational year to date, and one that we will never forget. Dean x

1. Saying Goodbye to a Friend. 
2. Camp Vibes.
3. The Cornish Coast.
4. Through the Pines.
5. Glencoe.
6. Hartland Quay. 
7. Brecon Beacons.
8. The Coast. 
9. Dungeness Levitator.
10. Seven Sisters.
11. Eiffel Tower.
12. Paris Rooftops. 
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