12 Photos from 2015 : Jeska

12 Photos from 2015 : Jeska
What a year 2015 has been. Looking back on a year that seems to have passed by in a flash, we both feel like one thing that has progressed a lot this year is our photography. Something that is still a constant learning curve for us both, it has been a good exercise to choose our personal favourites of the year, and seeing them together - how we both seem to see the similar places we go and items we shoot in different ways. Here is my selection, and we both thank you all so so much for such an inspiring year. Jeska x

1. Paris Reflections. 
2. Slow Mornings.
3. Paris in the Spring.
4. Collections.
5. Botanical Gardens, Munich.
6. Self Portrait. 
7. Rue Crémieux, Paris.
8. My Urban Jungle. 
9. Sisterhood Adventures, Devon.
10. Lone Sheep in the Wild.
11. My Marlo.
12. December Festivities. 
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