Fat & The Moon Babies Moon Salve

  • Babies bodies are so sensitive, meaning it is even more critical that they are exposed to healing and nourishing substances. Petroleum based products for babies and young children reign supreme in hospitals and pharmacies, if it runs your car, it can't be good for a young babies skin. This salve is a chemical and by-product free alternative. It can be used as a natural nappy cream, a moisturiser or for minor scrapes and bruises. 

    - 100% natural ingredients
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    - Made in the USA

    - Never tested on animals


Calendula, chamomile and St John’s Wort are gentle yet effective healers, and the trio have calming effects on the skin and the psyche. This salve is designed to be pure and simple, a flexible all natural baby cream with multiple uses. There is no added fragrance, it leaves your babies skin feeling satiny smooth, and don't be afraid to dip in and use it yourselves grown ups.

  • Ingredients: Calendula*, Chamomile*, St. John’s Wort* Infused Sunflower Oil* Beeswax. (*Denotes Organic ingredient.)

    Fat and the Moon specialises in handcrafted, herbal body care and beauty products. Like a witch over a cauldron, founder Rachel Budde experiments with age-­old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovative simple products that are good for the body and the earth.

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