Dawn Ritual Ceramic Match Striker

  • *Sold out until early 2018*
    Ritual, an evolution of our ceramic collaboration with Andrea Roman, inspired by those sacred moments as the sun rises and falls. Starting your morning clear of mind, ending it with an acceptance for what has been, celebrating the rituals and moments that each day brings. This ceramic match striker is hand thrown from a delicately textured pale stoneware clay, creating a tactile and beautifully unique addition to your home or sacred place, which makes lighting strike anywhere matches a special moment.

    - View the full Ritual ceramic collection
    - Ships with a full set of Cooks Strike Anywhere matches as shown
    - Hand thrown in the UK showing the marks of the makers process
    - Each piece will vary slightly from images shown and is unique
    - Dimensions approx H: 15mm D: 90mm

    Care: All items are dishwasher and food safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash and dry with care.

  • Andrea Roman Studied Industrial Design at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, with one year exchange program at Escola de Belas Artes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

    Andrea specialised in ceramic cast moulding winning a Honourable Mention at the 6th Biennial of Utilitarian Ceramics in Mexico City. Since 2014, she has been a resident ceramic designer at Turning Earth Ceramic Studio in London where she learned how to throw on the wheel and felt deeply connected to this technique.

    In the past two years, her work acquired a more specific direction, seeking to represent the rocks, soil, sand and mud in every piece she makes. Andrea incorporates glaze merely as a functional element in her pieces, trying to keep it as subtle and minimal as possible in order to highlight the qualities of the clay bodies she works with 

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