Stoneware Incense Dish

  • These delicate ceramic stoneware incense dishes are perfect for some minimalist quiet time. White Mountain Jade glaze incense dish, hand-thrown on the wheel in white iron flecked stoneware. We live in a fast-paced world, and it is easy to forget to just sit and be for a while. These pieces are versatile as they can be used for resting smudging herbs, yet also come with a gold brass Incense Stick Dome Holder, for incense sticks.

    - Available in White & Moon Dust
    - Handmade in the UK  
    - The perfect partner to the Dawn Incense Sticks
    - See our full calming incense collection
    - Dimensions: approx 10 - 12 cm diameter

    Suitable for tall bamboo and pure incense sticks. Due to the design and handmade nature of the product, slight variations will occur in each piece, making yours, unique.

  • The Ume brand was founded by Emma Leafe after several influential journeys – visiting temples, sacred places, and exquisite tea houses, across the alluring provinces of China. The quality incense is blended using only natural, high grade, fragrant plant material and is inspired by ancient recipes. The raw ingredients of their traditional incense consist of precious medicinal plants, herbs, spices, aromatic tree barks, seeds and saps, they are imbued with thousands of years of development.

    Ume's herbs and spices are sourced from all over the Asian continent, from the countries of South East Asia and Indonesia to Korea, China and Tibet, and the exact composition of these fragrant masterpieces, often take years to achieve. It is this love and passion they have, and look for, in the producers they collaborate with. Their clientele also insists on finest quality ethical products and such integrity is of foremost importance to them when sourcing their materials. In Buddhist and folk rituals, incense is used in prayer and to make dedicated offerings in ancestor worship. Ume represents an opportunity to explore such ancient practices, moulding them into a contemporary context.

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