Woven Magazine Issue 2

Woven is a magazine for Makers & Thinkers. In their second issue, 'A Stage For Wonder' Woven explores serendipity in discovery, the utility of awe, and the brilliance to behold in the natural world. Through poetry, landscape, and a brief look back at the history of invention, this issue is an invitation to curiosity. Join them on an expedition of the imagination, a voyage through strange seas of thought.

A Stage for Wonder also includes an archive of wonder at work from the narratives of eight designers, makers, and culture creators across Portland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, and the UK

Woven is made up of stories featuring common threads that tie us all together. Triumph, risk, fear and finding, the call to create, founded upon the belief that what we lack in ourselves, we often find in the experience of others. The yearning of making things by hand that cannot be mass produced, a collection of stories serving the makers and thinkers of our age, to inspire and articulate the legacy they leave behind.

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