Woven Magazine Issue 1

Woven is a brand new magazine for Makers & Thinkers. In their debut issue, Woven seeks to explore the essential first step in creating meaningful work: finding your medium. There is no linear path, no foolproof guidebook, no single source of inspiration. Issue One explores the road to Finding Your Medium through the stories of nine individual maker features as well as a set of essays written to encourage you on your own journey.

Woven is made up of stories featuring common threads that tie us all together. Triumph, risk, fear and finding, the call to create, founded upon the belief that what we lack in ourselves, we often find in the experience of others. The yearning of making things by hand that cannot be mass produced, a collection of stories serving the makers and thinkers of our age, to inspire and articulate the legacy they leave behind.

Woven Magazine Issue 1 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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