Wild Juniper Face & Beard Oil

  • Fresh, wild Juniper is used to create an uplifting and refreshing small-batch face and body oil. A serum that can be used on bodies and beards too! Wild shoots of Juniper needle, berry and twig are infused in jojoba oil, one of many ancient techniques for capturing the restorative and fragrant properties of the plant. Cold-pressed organic jojoba oil is chosen for a base as it is perfectly tuned to our skin's natural oil production. 

    - All natural ingredients 100% Vegan
- Made in the forests of Sweden

    - 30ml amber glass jar with black dropper
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    Scent: Cascading sun on a rocky mountain juniper grove, sitting creekside to a cool glacial waterfall, fresh wild juniper crushed between your fingers, cool thunderstorms rolling in over a pine forest mountain pass.

  • Ingredients:  Organic cold-pressed Jojoba oil, 100% wild-extract of Juniper shoots, berries and twigs, steam-distilled Juniper essential oil.

    Simply apply four drops to the palm of your hand and gently massage into face, beard or body.

    Wild harvested in the mountains and forests of North Sweden, Vilda Växter fragrances, soaps and salves are carefully crafted from nature. Moss, bark, pine resin, wild flowers, plant sap, juniper, grasses and forest berries are all used with ancient techniques such as sun-infusion, tincturing and enfleurage, their products capture the freshness and fragrance of the wilderness.

    All their wild grown plant material is sustainably harvested to craft their 100% natural products that care for your skin. Everything created by Vilda Växter has the greatest amount of care put in to it, from the wild harvested natural ingredients, sun-infusions and tincturing to the beautiful hand crafted labels and packaging.

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