Wild Juniper Balm

  • This Wild Juniper balm is an aromatic keepsake of the northern forests. Made with oil infusions of wildharvested spring birch leaves, fir and juniper needles, plant pitch and pine resins. This wild, all natural soft skin salve captures the essence of a northern Swedish summer woodland. Made with beeswax harvested on the heather-covered shores of Haväng, Sweden. Nordic wilderness you can take along on every adventure. 

    - All natural ingredients
- Made in the Sweden
    - 30ml glass jar
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    Antibacterial properties make juniper a great treatment for skin wounds and bites. Topical application provides relief for joint and muscle pain and can be helpful to those suffering from arthritis and rheumatism.

  • Ingredients: Organic olive and coconut oils, organic beeswax, wildharvested infusion of spring birch leaves, pine shoots, plant resin, pitch and sap. Please note - It should be avoided during pregnancy and by those who have kidney problems.

    Wild harvested in the mountains and forests of North Sweden, Vilda Växter fragrances, soaps and salves are carefully crafted from nature. Moss, bark, pine resin, wild flowers, plant sap, juniper, grasses and forest berries are all used with ancient techniques such as sun-infusion, tincturing and enfleurage, their products capture the freshness and fragrance of the wilderness.

    All their wild grown plant material is sustainably harvested to craft their 100% natural products that care for your skin. Everything created by Vilda Växter has the greatest amount of care put in to it, from the wild harvested natural ingredients, sun-infusions and tincturing to the beautiful hand crafted labels and packaging.

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