Stone Glazed Bowl

  • Organic, minimalist stoneware bowl with a rounded edge. So may uses for these tactile beauties - by your bedside to keep your favourite jewellery, on the table for snacks like olives & nuts or - we use ours with a brass incense holder and incense stick for a daily moment of calm. 

    - Matching pieces available in the full collection
    - Handmade showing the marks of the maker's process
    - Pattern unique to each piece
    - Dimensions - approximately 10cm diameter 
    - Care: hand wash with care. 

    The outside and base is natural vitrified stoneware, while the inside is glazed with a beige glaze that has a slight crystalline pattern unique to each piece. 

  • Laima Grigone was born in Latvia and attended Bauska Art School. After gaining a diploma in Photography she moved to the UK to do Foundation Degree in Art and Design at Oxford Brookes University. She received a degree in Contemporary Crafts from Falmouth University in 2013 where she gained experience in working with clay, wood, metal and glass.

    During her studies, her work was not bound to one format – ranging from mixed-media installations to light design. Inspired by the writings of Suzie Gablik and Ellen Dissanayake, she was looking for a way to include art in the everyday life and decided to look into pottery. She became an apprentice to the ceramic master Ingrīda Žagata in the summer of 2012. Since then her main passion has been ceramics. In 2013 she received ELFLA funding and set up a studio in Rundāle to create functional tableware.

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