Lotion Melt Dish

  • These beautiful boxes made for storing our solid body lotions are created entirely from biodegradable and sustainable materials with a solid oak lid. Lightweight and practical, simply place your lotion into the box after use, and cover with the lid. Alternatively, they can be used to store jewellery or other treasured items.

    - Two sizes available to accompany Lotion Melt Bars
    - Large Dish fits Large Bars + Small Dish fits Small Bars
    - Extremely durable alternative to plastic
    - 100% sustainably sourced bamboo-glass fibre and oak wood
    - For more info and how to clean see 'About Tab'
    - See our full natural beauty collection  

  • Wipe Oak lid with a soft dry cloth and keep away from moisture or dampness. Bamboo-glass fibre containers can be washed, including in the dishwasher.

    Made from a biodegradable bamboo-glass fibre, perhaps the fastest growing plant on the planet and is mainly grown in the wild, which means no pesticides and no use of energy. High strength and does not break easily when dropped even on a hard surface, nor shatter into pieces, making it very safe even with children.

    Family-run brand Savon Stories was born from the wisdom and character of creators Moute and Raydolph's grandfather - who lived a fulfilling 115 years. Tall, generous and mild-tempered, he lived on a simple farmer's diet of fresh, raw foods, in small portions.

    It was this combination of genuine character and minimal consumption that we believe was his secret to a long life. The family call it “raw minimalism”: to nurture the best of the good green earth and be rich with less than more.

    Moute suffers from a form of eczema that strikes suddenly and severely, so if you’ve got sensitive skin, rest assured you’re in good hands with her recipes. But, she believes, healthy skincare is only complete together with healthy eating, mood and character.

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