Smoke & Wood Soy Candle

  • Taking you back to adventures in the woods, those days hiking through the mountains and cosy nights spent by a log fire. Top notes of birch wood and a hint of camp fire smoke. Add a cosy warming to your home or a subtle light on your travels. 

    - Hand poured in Hossegor, France
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    - Small: 125ml, 6cm diameter (approx burn time 20 hours)
    - Large 500ml, 10.5cm diameter (approx burn time 85 hours)

    Once your candle has burnt away, the beautiful amber glass jar can be re-used with tea light to continue adding a warming glow your home.

  • These hand poured scented soy candles embrace modern nomadic lifestyles. Hand poured in small batches, proudly using no mass production in the making of them.

    Encapsulating a love of travel, Nomad Society's collection of hand-poured scented 100% soy candles are talismans for days spent in the water and nights under the stars.

    Daydreamers at heart, the collection invokes a sense of wanderlust for the globetrotters amongst you - wanting to capture and bring back a special moment from your days spent by the beach and under the moon.

    Candle Safety - Always burn the candle within sight & out of drafts.
    Keep away & out of reach of children & pets.
    Burning Instructions: The wick has been already been trimmed for your first burn. Before each burn, remove any unnecessary wick, this helps to prevent smoke and to ensure a clean burn.
    Never leave any foreign objects such as matches or excessive wick in the candle when burning.
    Only burn the candle on a level, fire resistant surface.
    We recommend that you do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours at a time. The container may become hot to touch please take care.
    Do not move a burning candle.
    Be safe and enjoy your new scented candle. All candles are phthalate free.

Smoke & Wood Soy Candle has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 4 reviews.

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