Salt Winds Ceramic Incense Bowl

  • Hints of storm cloud grey and speckles, like subtle salted tidal lines along the shingle. This beautifully rustic ceramic incense bowl is hand thrown and built for us in northern England. The tactile textured clay is finished with washes of sheer and thicker glazes, making each bowl unique.

    - Hand thrown in the UK
    - Perfect for use with all of our incense 
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    - All items are handmade and show marks of the maker process
    - Rough textured light clay with white glaze
    - Dimensions approx 19cm x 4cm

    Care: We recommended that you hand wash after use and dry with care.

  • The tactile light clay base marks and differences in the glaze are a natural part of the unpredictable process of hand throwing and glazing. All this turns every product into something which is completely unique.

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