Rucksack Magazine Volume 2

Rucksack Magazine Volume 2 is filled with stories that rediscover the lost magic of the Journey.

Celebrating the time spent moving from one destination to another, and showcasing journeys experienced by boat, car, train, plane and foot. The true excitement to be found in taking a journey has been forgotten, and Rucksack use their second volume to reawaken a longing for adventure.

In The Journey Issue, they sail through Greenland, drive across New Zealand and fly over Denali. Travel by foot for 96 miles along the West Highland Way, paddle into the Yukon and take the Caledonian Sleeper to Scotland. By prioritising the journey over the destination, the stories highlight the simple pleasure to be found in movement.

This publication is 136 pages, perfect bound and printed on uncoated, 100% recycled paper. Printed and published in London, March 2018.

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