Rakesprogress Volume 4

The fourth issue of Rakesprogress is 144 pages including features on; The language of floristry, Environmental anarchy with Vivienne Westwood and her son, Greenhouse hunters Haarkon, Europe's last nomads, Pickled pears, botanical art and growing guides! Rakesprogress Magazine is a contemporary look at the world outside which began as a seed of an idea one wet Sunday morning for editors Victoria & Tom. 

Because there's something about connecting with the natural world that makes life better. Which is why Rakesprogress is as much a snapshot of the world beyond your computer's window as it is a guide to the tricky business of growing stuff. Flick through these pages and of course you'll see gardens, plants and flowers, but you'll also find photography, bees, tools, craft, veg, art, architecture, sheds, clothes, jam and, of course, rhubarb. Even if you never pick up a rake, if you want an antidote to the mad whirl of digital, there is something here for you.

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