Pump Street Chocolate - Madagascar 72%

  • The Madagascar was the bar we first discovered from Pump Street, we still have the packaging above our desk as a reminder, although the amazing tasting bar itself did not last for long! (Jeska's personal favourite flavour)

    - 100% Handmade in the UK
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    Pump Street Bakery is a small family run bakery on Suffolk's heritage coast making small batch, handmade artisan chocolate from single origin beans imported directly to them from family farms and cooperatives around the world.

  • The Pump Street Bakery Madagascar Ambanja 72% chocolate is made exclusively from cocoa from the most famous of all terroirs for Madagascan beans: the Sambirano River Valley.Pump Street sourced organic cocoa beans from Bertil Akesson, whose 2300 hectare family estate, located in Ambanja, has produced world-famous aromatic cocoa since 1920.

    The 72% bar has a medium roast with a long conch and yields a chocolate with subtle fruity-sweet tartness and high notes of citrus and yellow fruits; the true taste of the very best from Madagascar. Bean to bar chocolate handmade in Orford, Suffolk, UK.

    The island of Madagascar, off the south-east coast of Africa, is a highly interesting origin for chocolate. Most of its cocoa is grown in the Ambanja region in the north of the country. Most famous of all terroirs for Madagascan cocoa is the Sambirano River Valley, located on the northern tip of the island. Sambirano’s unique combination of a Criollo-Trinitario blend of cocoa plants, climate, and soil make for chocolate that is both warm and acidic.

  • Cocoa Beans, cocoa butter and cane sugar. Minimum 75% cocoa solids. Processed in an environment containing nuts and dairy products. Bar weight = 70 grams

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