Palo Santo Atmosphere Mist

  • Made with pure botanical oils, this Palo Santo sacred space spray is a beautifully unique, sweet woody scent. This 100% natural atmosphere mist is blended to heal and inspire you on your journey through life, blended for clarity, inner vision and expansiveness. We cannot get enough of this scent!

    - 50 Plant-based aromatic ingredients
    - Ethically sourced & 100% Vegan
    - See our full calming incense collection
    - Free from any perfumes or synthetic ingredients
    Not intended for use on skin
    - Use within a season of purchase. 

    This Palo Santo wood was harvested and cut by hand, sustainably from a tree that died naturally and a new tree was planted in its place.

  • Palo santo "holy wood" is a tree that inhabits Central and South America. The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It is widely used in folk medicine by indigenous shamans to cure many diseases; this is the reason why the Spanish settlers called the tree “Santo".

    Ume was founded by Emma Leafe after several influential journeys – visiting temples, sacred places and exquisite tea houses, across the alluring provinces of China. Bringing back to the UK the purest verities of incense and elegant burning accessories, which are essential to Asian culture, yet otherwise are rare to find outside their country of origin. The quality incense is blended using only natural, high grade, fragrant plant material and is inspired by ancient recipes. The raw ingredients of their traditional incense consist of precious medicinal plants, herbs, spices, aromatic tree barks, seeds and saps, they are imbued with thousands of years of development.

    Ume incense and atmosphere mists can be used to create a fragrant space for meditation, yoga and relaxation; also to purify the air in the home, office or when travelling. 

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