Orlaya Grandiflora Seeds

  • A quiet jewel in the garden and home - Orlaya Grandiflora, White Lace Flower seeds. Delicate and decorative white lacey crowns with a long flowering period, this makes an adorable cut flower, but if you can bear to leave a few in the cutting patch and let it self sow - you’ll be blessed with this one for life. 

    - White Lace Flower Crowns
    - Hardy annual
    - Sow: Sow: March-May or late August-September
    - Cut: June - August
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    Lovely, pure white flowers with flat-topped clusters, particularly good in wild gardens and cut for fairy-like frothy displays indoors. Packaged in a beautiful handmade cotton rag paper envelope.

  • The secret to great flower arrangements is variety. You need some round flowers, some spiky flowers, some foliage and some contrasting texture and tone. Try foliage, one focal flower, a filler and a something to bring it all together.

    Grace Alexander Flowers is a third of an acre field in a village in Somerset. Where flowers are grown with love. There are flowers for every part of our lives. Births, weddings, joys, sorrows. And the only thing better than flowers are flower seeds.

    Seeds are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone. Tiny fragments of hope and potential and happiness waiting to happen. And now, finally, these perfect little things are enclosed in packages that do justice to the beauty of their contents. For the gardener in your life, for the person who deserves a treat and to feel loved, for that slightly tricky in-law that you really really want to impress.

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