Organic Spicy Green Tea Blend

  • It is so wonderful to be collaborating with our friend Pauline at Vrac tea again! This organic spicy green tea blend is a warming infusion perfect for winter days, the cinnamon, orange and star anise are a nod to the dark cooler seasons without being too overpowering, so it can be enjoyed all year round. 

    - Notes: Floral & Spicy
    - See our full collection of Organic teas
    - 100g packet, 30 servings approx
    - Organic and ethically sourced
    - Whole leaf loose herbal tea, enjoy hot or cold
    - Use 3 per cup and brew for 3-4 minutes at 85°

    Ingredients: Organic cloud mist green tea (Zhejiang, China) Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange and Star Anise

  • VRAC was born in the South East of England in Lewes in 2014 from a long-standing passion for tea as well as a deep desire to provide a quality alternative to the local community. Now, owner Pauline Maniere is back in France in the pretty city of Bordeaux sharing her taste for exceptional teas.

    Over the years she has been able to create and enrich special relationships with partners around the world in order to offer a unique and high quality selection that does not harm workers or nature. For the sake of environmental protection, all her teas are all organic or untreated (for plantations without certification).

    Working with small producers guarantees traceability and allows you to taste teas produced in small quantities, in whole leaves harvested manually and processed in the same way each season.

    The offer varies according to the seasons (the same tea harvested at a different time of the year will not have the same flavours) and therefore throughout the year, depending on the yield of the pickings and the quality of the production. terroir.

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