Oinochoe Stoneware Pitcher

  • Oinochoe Stoneware Pitcher. Made by hand using some of the most ancient ceramic techniques. These pieces are created for us in Valencia, Spain with local stoneware and grog and unique surface treatments. The creators Raquel and Pedro hope you can feel that each ceramic piece is an extension of their respect for Nature, raw materials and deep devotion to craftmanship.

    - Please note this a decorative piece and is not watertight
    - Hand-made in Valencia, Spain
    - Stoneware ceramic and glaze
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    - Each piece is unique and slightly different
    - Approximate dimensions: H28cm x W18cm 

    All pieces are hand-built using local white stoneware with grog, then they are brushed with experimental and self-formulated glaze mixes and textured surfaces, resulting in slight variations. 

  • C A N O A  - Raquel Vidal and Pedro Paz from Valencia, Spain. Objects made from ceramic and metal - taking into account the traditional values that have been following natural rhythm in the production of objects since the beginning of time.

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