Natural Incense Sticks - Point Lobos

  • Point Lobos natural incense sticks are a fresh, green aroma embodying an instinctual adventure set at a point where endless coastal roads and infinite ocean views meet. Fragrant wild Cypress trees cling to rugged rocks thriving on wind, salt air and fog. This energetic aroma evokes timeless sun-drenched days of pure exploration and wandering. 

    - Plant-based aromatic ingredients
    - This blend is a single scent of pure aromatic cypress - nothing else
    - See our full calming incense collection
    - 90 pure incense sticks per box.
    - Each stick is 10cm long and burns for around 18 minutes

    The spicy evergreen scent of the forest instills a sense calm and purification. Point Lobos natural incense sticks are filled with a liberating fragrance that reconnects the spirit to the profound mystery of nature.

  • All Ume high-grade incense sticks are made using 100% aromatic plant components (herbs, spices, aromatic barks, seeds and saps), bound with water.

    Ume was founded by Emma Leafe after several influential journeys – visiting temples, sacred places and exquisite tea houses, across the alluring provinces of China. Bringing back to the UK the purest verities of incense and elegant burning accessories, which are essential to Asian culture, yet otherwise are rare to find outside their country of origin. The quality incense is blended using only natural, high grade, fragrant plant material and is inspired by ancient recipes. The raw ingredients of their traditional incense consist of precious medicinal plants, herbs, spices, aromatic tree barks, seeds and saps, they are imbued with thousands of years of development.

    The herbs are sourced from all over the Asian continent, from the countries of South East Asia and Indonesia, to Korea, China and Tibet. The exact composition of these fragrant masterpieces, often take years to achieve. It is this love and passion they have, and look for, in the producers they collaborate with. Integrity is of foremost importance to them when sourcing their materials.

    Ume incense can be used to create a fragrant space for meditation, yoga and relaxation; also to purify the air in the home, office or when travelling. Since ancient times, accompanying calligraphy, tea ceremony and flower arrangement, incense making has been revered as one of the esteemed Chinese and Japanese art forms. In Taoist, Buddhist and folk rituals, incense is used in prayer and to make dedicated offerings in ancestor worship. Ume represents an opportunity to explore such ancient practices, moulding them into a contemporary context.

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