Beeswax Honeycomb Candles

  • These tall hand rolled natural beeswax dinner candles have a divinely honeyed smell and as they drip and burn, layers of texture and wax form which creates a classic, nostalgic and beautifully romantic look.

    - Made in the UK from sustainably sourced English beeswax
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    - Delicate warm honey scent (stronger in the natural option)
    - 34cm high, sold in pairs
    - Available in Ivory or Natural
    - Note: these candles will drip as they burn

    Urban hives play a crucial role in pollinating gardens and allotments as well as providing local honeys for city-dwellers. From the beginning, Bermondsey Street Honey has been highly sought after, and its uniquely complex multi-floral taste has won many awards.

  • The story of Bermondsey Street Bees began when Dale Gibson realized that the roof of his Victorian sugar warehouse overlooking The Shard would be a perfect place to keep bees in the heart of London. Surrounded by parks and lush rooftop gardens, Bermondsey Street provides a surprisingly green environment. After completing beekeeper training, he installed his first hives in 2007, beginning a fascinating journey into what has become a passion for bee welfare and raw honey production.

    As responsible beekeepers, they play an active role in planting new forage. With London’s open space ever-diminishing, bee-friendly planting is top of the agenda for existing green spaces. Bermondsey Street Bees vigorously promotes this, working with local government and community groups to sponsor and maintain sustainable planting initiative. Enhancing urban environments for people and bees alike.

Beeswax Honeycomb Candles has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 17 reviews.

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