Liha Beauty Idan Coconut Oil 100ml

  • From the Yoruba meaning of Magic, the Liha Idan body oil is a mixture of natural cold pressed coconut oil mixed with Tuberose, a combination that creates a sublime moisturising oil with a simply mesmerising scent that can be used on hair, nails, body and face.

    - Handmade in the UK 
    - Available in 100ml and 30ml sizes
    - Cold pressed coconut body oil fragranced with Tuberose
    - All ingredients from sustainable sources
    - Ships in raw cold pressed solid state (see about tab on how to use) 
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    Each bottle contains a single Tuberose flower which has been left to mature in the coconut oil, an African process of enfleurage. This ensures the goodness of this night blooming flower is absorbed naturally.   

  • A pair of self professed beauty aficionados from Gloucestershire and London, Abi and Liha met at University fifteen years ago and both shared a passion for cooking up natural beauty products using ingredients sourced from their kitchen cupboards. When a certain product they had been toying with for some time kept disappearing from their bathroom shelves, and their friends just couldn't get enough, they took the leap of faith to create two simple multi purpose products promoting simple, sustainable and earth friendly beauty.

    How to Use: This cold pressed oil will arrive in it's raw solid state in the bottle due to cooler temperatures. To bring it to it's liquid form it can just be placed in warm water, or taken into the shower until it melts, then you can apply to damp skin/hair. Alternatively it can be applied to the skin with a small spatula as it will melt when rubbed in from the heat of the body.

    For a deep conditioning treatment place on hair before shampooing and leave for 15 minutes or longer. Wrap hair in a warm towel or shower cap and then wash as usual. Great as a manicure oil, shaving oil, beard oil, pretty much anything else you can think of!

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