Kenyan Basket Bag

  • These exquisite and ethical basket bags are inspired by tribal patterns and traditional Kenyan colourways. Hand woven by members of the Kamba tribe in Kenya. Durable and totally unique, these basket bags are made from wool from second hand jumpers, woven around local sisal grass. 

    - Ethically sourced, working directly with weaving cooperatives
    - Made from Sisal & Recycled wool 
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    - Leather strap is a by-product of the local food industry
    - Handmade by the Kamba tribe in Kenya 
    - Dimensions: 40cm W x 30cm H approx
    - Strap Length: 29cm approx

    Each ethical basket bag takes up to six days to complete, a truly Kenyan work of colour, spirit and craft. The Kamba artisans design each basket bag themselves, choosing patterns and colourways of their own preference, making each one completely unique. 

  • You support the revival of this creative art when you purchase a Kenyan Basket Bag and in doing so you help us to support these weavers in a truly fair trade. Basket weaving has become a flexible, supplementary source of additional income for the tribe members, whose main earnings come from farming – a line of work that’s largely dependent on rainfall and therefore vulnerable to drought. Each woven basket is supplied with a thank you card from the weaving cooperative.

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