British Made Pocket Knife - Rosewood

  • With a history dating back to 1682, the Joseph Rodgers pocket knife is handmade in Sheffield, one of the world's finest steel work cities, a genuine historic piece of craftsmanship to be celebrated. 

    - Made in Sheffield, UK, with a history dating back 300 years
    - Available in Rosewood & Barlow Rosewood
    - 3" stainless steel clip point blade (Legal UK Carry Limit)
    Must be able to verify you are 18 years of age or over to purchase
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    This British made pocket knife is made by only the most skilled cutlers,  creating a perfect simple penknife, a Sheffield original from start to finish that will be with you for many years. 

  • Blade Length: 3" (UK Legal carry limit)
    Length of knife when folded: 9cm
    Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
    Blade Type: Clip Point
    Handle Material: Rosewood from sustainable FSC sources
    Care: Clean knife by applying an industrial lubricant or oil and scrubbing crevices with a toothbrush. Remember to keep your knife sharpened: a dull blade can be more dangerous than a properly maintained one. 

    Since 1764 Joseph Rodgers focused on producing the finest quality knives and looked for the best in every aspect of knife production from materials to workmanship. Each knife was branded with the Star and Cross as a guarantee of its superb quality. It has been claimed that so great was Rodgers reputation for producing only the finest products that the word “Rujjus”, a variation on “Rodgers” entered into the Sinhalese dialect as a general expression of superlative quality. Joseph Rodgers’ success is evident in the firm’s appointment to five successive sovereigns - George IV, William IV, Queen Victoria, Edward II and George V.

    Once upon a time people would carry a knife, not for the fear of attack or to use as a weapon, but for the fear of being rendered useless by a simple piece of twine, a stick or a cardboard box. Designed for serious outdoor folk but also suitable for weekend campers, or anyone looking for a simple every day carry knife, this multi-purpose knife folds compactly to travel with you. 

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