Oak Cooking Spoon

  • Beautiful hand carved round cooking spoon crafted from Oak sustainably sourced from Epping Forest. The ideal spoon for stirring and tasting stews, soups (and cake batter!) The long sturdy handle and round head make it great for reaching in and getting to the bottom of big pots and pans.

    - Made in the UK by Forest and Found
    Available in smooth or textured finish
    - Each piece is beautifully unique, individually crafted by the maker
    - Sustainably sourced English Oak from Epping Forest
    - Treated with food-safe beeswax salve
    - Length: 32cm 

    Each spoon is slightly different, making your piece unique. We love the patterns and grains in these pieces, any unusual markings or imperfections simply add to their beauty.

  • Forest and Found was created in early 2014 by Max Bainbridge & Abigail Booth, after graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2013. They built their workshop in East London in order to focus on their shared love of making and working with natural materials. One woodworker and one quilter, their individual practices, despite seeming very different are rooted in traditional craft and a relationship with the natural environment.

    Combining traditional techniques with contemporary design, Max and Abigail create products that celebrate craftsmanship in the modern home. They aim to create a direct relationship with the natural world through each hand carved spoon and naturally dyed quilt. An understanding of native trees and plants is important to sourcing local timber for bowls and foraging for dyestuff. Using this knowledge and their understanding of craft, they set out to make products that will be passed down from generation to generation.

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