Flower Press Kit

  • ** SECONDS SALE ** We have a couple of these beauties left with small dents on the top - but still in full working order of course - see the last image for example. Collect magical memories and catalogue plant species with this beautiful handmade Flower Press Kit. Discover new and forgotten plants and explore your environment. Enjoy nature by (responsibly) gathering flowers and leaves, preserve them and create beautiful objects.

    The Kit Includes:
    - 1 Pine-Wood Handmade Flower Press (17x23cm)
    - 1 Silk printed Herbarium to collect your pressed plants
    - Stickers to identify your plants
    - Scissors
    - Blotter to dry the plants and keep them in your herbarium
    - Cardboard sheets for your press
    - Step-by-step illustrated Handbook
    - Screenprinted Organic Cotton bag

    The idea of this product is to create an experience through using the tools and materials included in the kit to press flowers and leaves. It invites us to connect more meaningfully with nature.

  • The flower press kit is 100% designed and handmade in the 
    Fábrica de Texturas studio in Madrid of wood from ethically cultivated forests in Spain.

    In addition to the press itself, they also produce the herbarium and the packaging with a silk-screen process. The bag containing the kit is made up of organic cotton and holds a fair-trade certificate. The manual included is printed in our studio with risography.

    Handmade and always incorporating recycled and eco friendly materials.

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