Ernest Journal Magazine Issue 5

Ernest Journal is for curious and adventurous gentlefolk. It is a periodical of substance created for folk who love to build fires, embark on road trips, camp under a canopy of stars and run full pelt into the sea. A guide for those who appreciate true craftsmanship and the care that goes into making, who are fascinated by curious histories and eccentric traditions. 

- Issue Five contents include:
- Learn how to make your own wild first aid kit
- Explore the geological map that changed the world
- Seek simple shelter in the mountain bothies of northwest Scotland
- Stand aside Esperanto: discover the unruly world of made-up languages
- Explore solargraphy, a long exposure technique that records the sun's path
- Pick up the path of a modern-day journeyman
- Conduct your own experiments with time using the theories of JW Dunne

Ernest Journal is 160 pages, perfect bound and printed in full colour on FSC approved uncoated 140gsm and silk 170gsm paper in Bristol, UK. 

Ernest Journal Magazine Issue 5 has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.

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