English Terracotta Tumbler

  • English terracotta tumbler, with glazed inside and top edge and smooth unglazed finish outside. Slipcast in a small rural factory in Nottinghamshire, using traditional hand processes to make and fire.

    - Designed by Sue Pryke
    - Made in the UK showing the marks of the makers process
    - Matching pieces available in the full collection
    - Dimensions H: 85mm D: 80mm (approx) 
    Care: Hand wash with care. 

    Each piece is individually handcrafted so small changes in glaze, body colour and shape will occur depending on where in the kiln the piece was fired.

  • Inspired by the every day and the ordinary; material qualities, textures and the interaction we have with objects. Small details and preferences which reflect the intuitive decision making we all make on a daily basis when choosing what cup to take from the cupboard for a cup of tea.

    Created by Sue Pryke in collaboration with small factories and studios in England working with traditional craftsmanship, materials and techniques to make high quality products made by hand.

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