Elementum Magazine Edition 1

  • A journal of nature and story - the inspiration for the first edition of Elementum has come from living near the sea, exploring the theme of calling. Set sail on untameable oceans that renew the love of home, and revisit the enduring myth of the Mermaid of Zennor. 

    - Edition 1 contents include:
    - Take to the trail in the company of Yosemite National Park’s black bears
    - Voices from the ocean
    - In conversation with Irish poet Jane Clarke
    - Reflect on the enduring song of the humpback whale
    - The draw of the sea - place, memory, fiction

    These and other stories are published alongside beautiful and interpretative images from artists, illustrators and photographers.

  • The Elementum team have realised their vision to produce a publication about getting back to what really matters - through nurturing our connection to the natural world. Constantly inspired and fascinated by the living world, they believe that in better understanding it - we will better understand our place within it, our responsibilities and the possibilities open to us.

    Elementum gives the reader a space to reflect and absorb ideas, not be harried by advertising, stories of human failing or imminent threat. Through the written word and the silence of image, guided by a theme for each edition, it brings together the scientist’s findings with the artist’s response. The ecologist’s observation with the writer’s reflection to craft stories of transformation, exploration and intrigue. Guided by a different theme for each edition, Elementum will publish three times a year.

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