Destination Marrakech

  • A city unveiled through the eyes of a visitor. The Destination Travel guide series explores cities from the inside, meets with fascinating people and takes time to see new places in a different way. Sound good? Pop one in your backpack and let's go!

    - Barcelona, CopenhagenFrench California, Helsinki, Marrakech, Stockholm
    - Living with Plants by Caroline Gomez also available
    - Text in French and English
    - Soft cover - 80 pages 
    - Dimensions: 134mm x 192mm 

    The Destination series is an invitation to travel. The places and photos inside bring a new perspective and will inspire you to create your own stories in new cities. Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere - open your eyes wide and stay curious! 

  • Following her masters in Design and Colour, Bordeaux based Caroline Gomez began working in self-publishing. Designer, art director and photographer, she is the author of the Destination book series. In her personal work Caroline explores the singularity of the object, poetry, minimalism, a measured presence of each thing, colour accuracy and the balance of our surroundings.

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