Dark Chocolate Tasting Collection

  • Undecided on the larger bars? These four mini bars of handcrafted dark chocolate are a perfect way to discover your new favourite Land Bar. This collection includes one each of - Malt 65%, Honduras 70%, Nicaragua 71% and Nicaliso 73%. Handcrafted single-origin chocolate, made in London. Enjoy!

    - Single Origin beans
    - 100% Handmade in the UK
    - Directly traded cocoa beans with higher profit for farmers
    - See our full chocolate collection
    - Vegan Friendly
    - 4 x 25g - Travel sized!

    Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Organic cane sugar, Cocoa butter and (malt Barley in the Malt 65%) - that's it! Handcrafted in an old furniture maker’s workshop in the back streets of East London's Bethnal Green.

  • After extended travel in Central America chocolate creator, Phil Landers returned to the UK to learn the ways of the chocolatier and re-educate his palette.

    Further refining his craft with Mast Brothers, before setting out to work on a range of his own single origin and single bean bars. Keeping his connection with south and central America Land was created in 2016. 

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