Dancer Bangle

  • Gentle music for your wrists. The Dancer bangle is four interlocking eco-silver hoops interspersed with five oval charms. The perfect combination of bohemian jingle and minimal forms give this piece a truly dynamic quality. An elegant contemporary piece, handcrafted from recycled electronic waste.

    - Handcrafted in sterling silver reclaimed from circuit boards
    - Fits size small - medium
    - Each bangle hoop is 1.8mm with inner diameter of 67mm
    - 5 oval charms
    - Includes hemp and organic cotton bag + care instructions
    - Handmade in Cape Town
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    Simple sustainable jewellery made for cherishing - a return to a view of jewellery as an heirloom-worthy of passing down, not just of the object itself but also of a more just world for future generations to wear it.

  • Care: To keep clean we recommend using the Platinum Paper cloth included in bag. Avoid wearing silver jewellery when swimming or bathing.

    We believe that while some metal mining may always be necessary, ultimately our most important extraction operations should be taking place in scrap yards and recycling centres rather than sensitive ecological areas and ancestral lands." - Ashley Heather.

    From electronic waste to jewellery. Electronic waste is the fastest growing municipal waste stream in the world. It is placing an ever-increasing burden on our land-fills and our eco-systems. The team at Ashley Heather are excited to play a role in addressing this by repurposing the precious elements that would otherwise go to waste.

    The refining process begins with manually dismantling the waste electronic products. All the components are then sent their separate ways for recycling and the precious metals are separated and purified by a small local refinery before being melted again in the final stage to ensure pure, high-quality material.

    The recycled precious metals then start their new life in Ashley's Cape Town studio where using traditional gold-smithing techniques, her team meticulously handcraft them into minimalist, easy-wearing jewellery.  

    We care about every aspect of the craft and are constantly striving for the most sustainable studio practices from the manufacturing process right through to the packaging materials.

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