Curated Cutting Garden Seeds

  • Curated cutting garden seeds for yourself, the gardener in your life, or someone who would love to start their own flower patch. Each set includes 4 beautiful packets of seed and a copper letterpress Constance Spry quote.

    Bold & Bright - Rudbeckia Marmalade - Daucus Carota 'Dara' - Orache - Opium poppies. This exciting collection includes foliage, fillers and flowers on the warmer end of the spectrum, with seed-heads for the perfect textured late summer bouquet.

    Fresh & White
    Comos Purity - Ammi majus - Nigella Miss Jekyll - Bells of Ireland. Light, airy flowers, foliage and filler for the perfect summer arrangements. This pretty collection has some of the best cut and come again blooms so you'll get buckets and buckets all summer if you keep picking. 

    Muddy & Muted - Scabious 'Fata Morgana' - Phlox Creme Brulee - Nicotiana Tinkerbelle - Orache. Shades such as dusty rose, milky coffee, champagne, buttercream, apricot and moonstone. A subtle and textured collection, allowing each variety to sing. Looks amazing mixed with a few grasses cut from your garden. 

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  • The secret to great flower arrangements is variety. You need some round flowers, some spiky flowers, some foliage and some contrasting texture and tone. Each of the cutting garden collections includes these; a foliage, a focal flower, a filler and a something to bring it all together.

    Grace Alexander Flowers is a third of an acre field in a village in Somerset. Where flowers are grown with love. There are flowers for every part of our lives. Births, weddings, joys, sorrows. And the only thing better than flowers are flower seeds.

    Seeds are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone. Tiny fragments of hope and potential and happiness waiting to happen. And now, finally, these perfect little things are enclosed in packages that do justice to the beauty of their contents. For the gardener in your life, for the person who deserves a treat and to feel loved, for that slightly tricky in-law that you really really want to impress.

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