Copper Pot Weeder

  • **BACK IN STOCK LATE OCTOBER** A new favourite from our copper gardening tool collection, this mini hand rake and weeder is beautiful and useful. The perfect tool for the attention-to-detail gardener, the three-pronged rake is used to tidy the soil surface around your precious plants in pots (or in the border). Then you can use the spatula end to dig out deep weed roots. The spatula can also be used for weeding grass out of paving cracks or levering out tap-rooted weeds, or pricking out seedlings!

    - Handmade in Hungary by artisan coppersmiths
    - Hardwearing, long-lasting and rust-resistant
    - Copper helps to deter slugs and snails
    - Sharp edges slice into the soil and come out clean
    - See about tab for info on the benefits of using copper garden tools
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    - Dimensions: 26cm x 5cm 

    Staying free from rust, but ageing with a graceful bronze patina, these beautiful tools are designed to last as long as you want to use them. Made of solid bronze with responsibly-sourced European hardwoods handle. 

  • Slugs and snails are the banes of many gardeners existences. The disappointment of disappearing seedlings after so much effort to bring them into life and all that is left is the tell-tale slimy trail, is heartbreaking. Slugs and snails have no natural magnetism because their blood is based on copper whereas we have iron flowing through our veins, with iron being magnetic and copper non-magnetic and highly conductive, using copper tools literally helps to preserve the magnetic energy field and vibrations in your soil, having the effect of a creating slug barrier as well as being long-lasting and harder wearing!

    The tool heads are made of solid bronze (copper with tin). Other parts are pure copper, brass and other copper alloys with responsibly sourced European hardwoods including ash, beech or lime.

    A few words on the benefits of copper
     - distinguished by its rosy gold colour, it does not corrode easily, it is antimicrobial, it is non-magnetic, it is recyclable, since the earliest times, copper items have been melted down and re-made into new ones. About 40% of the copper in use today is recycled. So your chosen tool may once have been part of a Roman Centurion’s breastplate!

    Bronze, copper alloyed with a small quantity of tin, is harder still – up to four times the hardness of pure copper. It is used for the blades of all of the tools. It was the first alloy to be created by humans. It has a slightly more orange colour than pure copper, which has a pinkish hue

    Copper or Bronze? Bronze is a copper alloy – mostly copper with a little tin. This Weeder is bronze (95% copper). The extra tin gives it the sharpness – and the orange colour. This Copper Dibber is pure copper, a pinkish colour.

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