Chickpea Magazine Issue 24

Chickpea is a vegan food and writing quarterly, here to bring whole-foods cooking & living to a beautiful, practical level. Looking for inspiration to start cooking more, to start being more conscious in your habits, to live more DIY, to get offline and enjoy something beautiful? Issue 24 includes;

- The 10 truths of travel
- traveling through greece
- sauces of the banned world
- vegan in indonesia
- japanese-inspired simple meals
- sharing meals in russia
- throwing off the security blanket in iceland
- eating our way through costa rica
- peace ramen from kyoto
- around the syrian table and more!

Beautifully photographed and designed,
 filled with food, recipes, discussions, articles, interviews, city guides, book reviews, and much more. Think of it as a timely, independent mini-cookbook/coffee table book, made with gorgeous recycled materials, meant to last.

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