Ceramic Spice Spoon

  • Tactile hand built ceramic spice spoons. Each one is sculpted from high fire Porcelain and stoneware then finished with a different personality. Non-toxic glaze is used on the spoon heads with a flat wash and decorative details on the handles, making each one slightly different and unique.  

    - Made in the USA
    - Hand built porcelain and stoneware
    - Each spoon is unique, only 1 of each available 
    - Dimensions approx between 7cm and 10cm

    It was love at first sight when Jeska discovered these magical little spoons, so we had to get some for our kitchen and yours too! 

  • Virginia based Heather Lezla is an artist exploring her new suburban landscape. She does this with by taking impressions with slabs of clay and translating them into functional objects for people to use. Years of museum work, a passion for gardening coupled with her husbands culinary roots in France has led her to create beautiful and functional items for the home, kitchen and garden. They are truly ceramics that work and we hope you enjoy the small collection she has made for us.

Ceramic Spice Spoon has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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