Brass Coffee Scoop

  • Created for scooping your ground coffee or beans this hand-formed coffee scoop is made from brass and riveted with eco-silver. These are made with a nice deep bowl, perfect for measuring out coffee for your grinder, cafetière, espresso machine or stovetop percolator.

    - Handcrafted in the UK   
    - Brass riveted with eco-silver
    - Length: 14.5cm including handle
    - See 'About' tab for care instructions
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    Each scoop is slightly different, making your piece unique. We love the handmade marks on these pieces, any unusual markings or imperfections simply add to their beauty.

  • Care: after washing by hand with washing up liquid and a soft cloth, dry afterward to avoid watermarks. Full care card included with your piece.

    Cornwall-based designer-maker Rebecca Rasmussen primarily works with brass and recycled silver to create delicate pieces using a small collection of traditional tools and techniques. Motivated by the beauty of form, function and a love of process. Rebecca's collections reflect a sense of home and belonging, each piece is unique and a celebration of objects and their innate beauty, inspired by Rebecca's beautiful Cornish surroundings.

    Rivets are a simple yet incredibly intimate way of joining the pieces. Such care and detail go into each rivet, every one is different, they tend to take on their own shapes in most cases.

    Taking pleasure from the materials and tools used, the subtle textures that a steel bench block gives, damaged through accidental slips of the hammer, make up the textures in a lot of the pieces.

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