Borage Honey

  • A light, delicate honey from the magical blue starflower, grown for it's medicinal oil. We adore it on porridge and in tea or drizzled over fruit and greek yoghurt. Pure borage honey is pale, runny and really rather incredible.

    - Made in the UK
    - Borage, Wood Sage and Custom House Honey available
    - Handmade in small batches 
    - 250g Jar
    - Support the bees - they are our friends!

    NOTE: Pure, raw and unheated honey will naturally crystallize over time with no effect to the honey other than color and texture. The crystallization of honey actually preserves the flavour and characteristics of your honey!

  • Fourteen years ago The London Honey Company founder Steve, decided he wanted to keep bees in Central London — there was a problem: he lived on the 6th story of an ex-council block near Tower Bridge with no garden. The only viable outside space was the flat roof accessed via a fire escape...

    It worked like a dream. The first hive was located behind the lift shaft and the bees started producing incredible honey. But that was just the start. By the following year, there were hives tucked slyly into all sorts of odd locations around the city. From hives scattered around London and the UK. Including a selection from beekeepers who choose to produce from more unusual nectar sources.

    The bee empire continues to grow and expand with hives all across the UK. It's a passion as much as a business and it requires a nomadic lifestyle.

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