Beguiling Wild Ceramic Bowl

  • Into The Beguiling Wild is a special ceramic collaboration with Whinblossom. Dramatic work inspired by the intriguing landslip that surrounds her home, capturing the wildness of the Undercliff while maintaining purpose for daily use. Chloe embeds raw materials, minerals, flora and fauna and colour inspiration from the area into the collection, leaving an unpredictably wild, and dangerously beautiful landscape engrained into each piece, giving each item such a unique and special feeling.

    - Ceramic Bowl, Plate and Oil Lamp available
    - The markings, pattern and tone on each piece will vary and is unique
    - Hand thrown in the UK showing the marks of the makers process
    - Comes with original watercolour postcard
    - Dimensions approx H: 10cm D: 15cm

    Care: All items are food safe, however, it is recommended that you hand wash and dry with care.

  • Whinblossom is the ceramic practice of Chloe Burke who lives on an island off the English coast, in the Undercliff on the Isle of Wight, on one of the largest areas of urban landslip in Europe. Her practice examines her journey from the Undercliffs to the studio. It embodies the coastline, from its vast minerals to the roll of the shoreline and the changing cliff face. Seeing how Chloe not only takes the influence of her surroundings into the forms she creates, but engraining the very materials into the pieces, bringing the undercliff and the island to life, very permanent structures created from an ever changing landscape, it gives the work such a sense of character and meaning, both to look at and hold each piece has such a unique and special feeling.

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