Another Escape Magazine Volume 9

  • This volume reflects on how perceptions of wilderness evolve and change – how wilderness has been feared, conquered, and revered. It contemplates how we may embrace our wilder selves and become more in tune with nature. It discovers how creativity and collective vision can create positive change, and how wildlands can inspire and enliven us. It explores spaces shared with other species, and thinks about how we may offer environmental stewardship and protect our last remaining wild places. Volume 9 of includes;

    - The wonders and frustrations of building and living in a cabin 
    - Mule packing in Montana with Chris Eyer  
    - Printmaker Kelli MacConnell discuses her relationship with nature 
    - The problems + necessities of separating humans from wilderness
    - The vision for Romania’s future 
    - How untouched are our wild places really?  
    - Authentic ways to reconnect and feel more entwined with nature 
    -Environmental activists striving to protect our largest wilderness 
    - The bosky landscapes of Romania’s Carpathians
    - The indigenous peoples of Tierra del Fuego

  • Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living publication based out of Bristol, UK. Another Escape aims to be a source of inspiration for those who seek an active and considered lifestyle, by encouraging an optimistic, forward-thinking and responsible mindset.

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