Rakesprogress Volume 13

Rakesprogress Volume 13, another bumper issue of rakesprogress, partly created in lockdown, we travel to Japan to walk the ancient Kumano Kodo Trail, we head to the Cerrado in Brazil, an area under threat which houses 11,000 plant species.

We also walk among the traditional hay meadowlands of England, meet the weaver who threads thorns in the woods and even discover how Napoleon, exiled for a lifetime of warmongering to the remote island of St Helena, finally found peace in gardening. All of this is mixed in with Rake's magical still life, fashion, fragrance and flowers.

This issue also comes with Issue 2 of rakes beautiful magazine SENSE - the art of fragrance - we talk to Geza Schoen, the scientists who are bottling the smells of literature, catch up with Christine Nagel at Hermes. We examine synesthesia, the smell of courage and pack in some stunning imagery for a summer of scent.

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