Faire Magazine Issue Three

  • Inside the third issue of Faire magazine discover the stories of 16 of the world's foremost talents in craft, creative and fine art. Faire Magazine shares exceptionally beautiful stories celebrating the creative lives and work of a diverse group of artists, artisans and creatives from around the world.

    - 144 pages 
    - Norwegian artist Jannik Abel 
    - Belgian ceramist Alyssia Belloso
    - Iranian-born visual storyteller Sara Emami
    - Husband-and-wife team Superfolk
    - Market gardener Loïc Michel + 8 more creatives
    - FSC Certified paper

    Considered and intimate long-form stories that bring us into artists’ homes and creative spaces; stories of slowing down, creating with intention, community and collaboration, and examining the twists and turns of creative lives and how to finally find your voice. Printed by Heftwerk in Germany using green energy.

  • In today’s world of social media, creative work can happily reach a global audience, but many artists find it creatively debilitating. Work is reduced to “content,” and everything becomes ephemeral and forgettable. We never truly see past the perfect frame or scratch the surface of what makes our favourite creatives tick.

    FAIRE wanted to create something joyfully physical, something to be treasured, a magazine you take your time to read and return to in moments of reflection.

    Creativity can take on so many forms. Powerful, physical work made by hand, vessels that carry an artist’s thoughts and dreams. It can also be seen in how we create a home, tend our gardens, or set the table for friends coming over for dinner. Creativity is at work when we are positive catalysts for change within our community, when we find ways to share our knowledge and create learning opportunities to help others soar.

    FAIRE is committed to building a creative community on and off the page while opening up opportunities for collaboration and skill sharing.

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