Indigo Cloud Cushion Cover

  • Linen cushion cover, hand tie-dyed with indigo. We instantly fell for these, their unique patterns like a cloudscape across a summer sky. Hand-dyed in an organic indigo vat by Ania in Berlin. Because of the nature of hand dyeing, each pillow will be slightly different from the next and unique to you. 

    Cushion Cover Only, Pillow NOT included
    - Natural raw linen (unbleached & pre-washed)
    - Botanically dyed with Indigo and Woad
    - Handmade in Berlin with natural ingredients and materials
    - Vegan-Friendly 
    - Linen bow-tie closure on the side
    - Dimensions: 50 x 50 cm 
    - Wash by hand in lukewarm water

    Made with raw unbleached European linen, by choosing this product you support not only small independent businesses but also the environment. 

  • CARE: The pillow is washable, just open the ribbons to remove and hand wash lukewarm water.

    Indigo pigment extracted from plants is not soluble in water. In order to dissolve, it has to be reduced (oxygen has to be removed from the dye vat by adding sugar) and the pH needs to be shifted to 9-11pH (with lime). The reduced vat is yellow, not blue. The dissolved dye attaches then to the fibres under the surface of the liquid. When taken out and exposed to oxygen, it turns blue again and bonds with the fibres. The dye is permanent, light- and wash fast - when kept away from direct sun exposure.

    Made by hand in Berlin with sustainable ingredients. No toxic substances or chemicals were used in the process and all fibres and dyes are plant-based.

    Kaliko is a line of handcrafted textiles made with care, founded by Ania Grzeszek. Using certified organic fibres that are hand-dyed using local plant pigments in their Berlin studio. Due to the nature of the dyeing process, all pieces are unique - each one slightly different from the other, yet all equally beautiful.

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