Strawberry Days Jam

  • Strawberry Days is a bright and beautiful jam, full of the heady aromas of a dreamy summers day. An edible ballad created to immortalise memories of growing up on Strawberry Lane in Tiptree, where in June the Wilkins factory would make the strawberry jam for the year and the whole village smelled of this quintessential summer fruit. This one is for lovers of a homemade scone!

    - Made by hand in Bermondsey, London
    - Locally sourced ingredients
    - See our full delicious edible collection 
    - 210g Glass Jar with metal lid
    - Vegan-Friendly
    - Unfortunately, we do ship preserves to the USA
    - For ingredients see 'About' tab

    Sky and Kai of England Preserves fill their delicious jars with locally sourced fruits and vegetables, gently cooked in their kitchens in the traditional way, making nostalgic flavours into exciting jewel-coloured preserves.

  • Ingredients: Strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, gelling agent fruit pectin.
    Refrigerate after opening.

    We discovered the joy of England Preserves when we bought a jar of their amazing Pear Date & Ale Chutney. Sky and Kai began their preserve making mission in 2001 and since then built a reputation for jam excellence, now they have a devoted following up and down the country, including us!

    Their jams are made by hand in Bermondsey, where they have lovingly crafted the perfect collection of jewel-bright jars - for everything from toast and scones to cheeseboards and curries. All the preserves are made by cooking locally-sourced fruit gently by hand to retain flavour and colour for brighter, bolder jams and chutneys.

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