Frankie Incense

  • We love this incense blend, delicate citric headnotes blend into deep, silken coniferous base notes, it reminds us of everything good about the summer and lights up our world. A bright, exuberant, gentle-spirited frankincense made from the purest Omani oils available.

    - Pure Omani Frankincense oils 
    - No chemicals or synthetic ingredients
    - Ethically produced in India
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    - Vegan Friendly 
    - 15 sticks per box. Approx burn time 40-45 minutes per stick

    This style of incense was originally used by Yogis as a way of creating an atmosphere of serenity and harmony for meditation. The fragrances used became an important part of their journey of self-discovery and inner peace.

  • At the root of Sacred Elephant’s ethos is its owner, Prema-rasa Das. Prema himself was a Gaudia Vaisnava monk for over 18 years.

    During this time visiting and living in many temples and yoga ashrams around the world, he experienced first hand the positive effect pure scents have on enlightening our moods and enlivening our consciousness. He now lives in Wales and teaches the Bhakti Yoga process he learnt as a monk. 

    Traditionally made by monks in the ancient temples of India each incense stick would be handcrafted with love and care believing that not only the purity of the ingredients mattered but also the state of mind in which it was made.

    Just like these Monks, Sacred Elephant believes that making your incense should be an act of devotion. Using only the best natural essential oils and resins. Every part of the process from the production of the scents, the blending, the rolling of the final stick and even the packaging is done by hand.

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