RŌS Natural Incense

  • RŌS Rose, Sandalwood and Labdanum natural incense. A marriage of woody, warm Australian Sandalwood, the complexity of Labdanum, creamy notes of Orris and luscious and efflorescent Rose. Inviting you to take refuge in your senses these incense sticks are made from natural raw materials including resins, woods, herbs, lichen, saps and seeds.

    - Warm - Relax - Regenerate
    - Available as 6 or 13 sticks per pack
    - Pure plant-based aromatic ingredients  
    - Rose, Sandalwood and Labdanum
    - See our full calming incense collection
    - Each stick burns for around 30 minutes

    Each incense stick is 10.5cm of premium quality aromatic plant material. 6 stick packs are wrapped in paper 13 sticks come in a recyclable cardboard box. Made with - Australian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum), Rose (Rosa gallica), Orris root (Rhizoma iridis), Labdanum resin (Cistus ladanifer).

  • Designed, handcrafted and packaged in the altar atelier in Portugal. áltar is a meditation anchored in the alchemy of scent that invites you to take refuge in your senses — and turn your mind’s gaze within. In reverence with the Earth, áltar offers tools for entering into olfactory experiences and deepening ritual practices.

    áltar’s founder Leroy Manuhutu has had the scent of incense weaving a common thread throughout his life ever since he can remember.

    After graduating from his studies in herbalism and moving to the countryside of Portugal, he initiated áltar as a testament to his knowledge of plant medicine, his love for natural perfumery and the wilderness surrounding his new home. 

    altar natural incense is of premium quality and has been made from raw materials including resins, woods, herbs, lichen, saps and seeds. With transparency at the forefront, all materials are meticulously sourced with an emphasis on planetary health and regeneration.

    A portion of the botanicals used are grown or foraged on the land surrounding the atelier, with methods that honour the plants and the land and support regeneration. These are infused with raw materials sourced from various regions around the world, only using fair trade practices. Supporting small artisanal businesses with a focus on ethical growing methods.

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