Bee Friendly Seed Collection

  • Beautiful handmade cotton rag paper envelopes containing a mix of cornflower, borage, and fiddleneck seeds in a range of colours. A selection of flowers for cutting that are also just right for supporting diverse garden wildlife, particularly bees. These have a long flowering season to help out the insects when other pickings are slim. Perfect flowers for pollinators!

    - Available individually or as a set of all three.
    - Bee Friendly - Cornflowers 
    - Bee Kind - Borage 
    - Bee True - Fiddleneck
    - Sow: March-May
    - Cut: June - September
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    Keep some and give some away. Sow these individually or mix together in a jam jar, shake up and scatter to get a colourful bee-supporting mix. All these flowers will self-seed if not cut. 

  • LESSONS FOR LIFE: BEE TRUE, BEE KIND, BEE FRIENDLY. BEE COMPLETE. Borage and phacelia and two of the most nectar-rich flowers there are, and both flower from very early to late in the season, filling the gaps when there is little else around.

    Grace Alexander Flowers is a third of an acre field in a village in Somerset. Where flowers are grown with love. There are flowers for every part of our lives. Births, weddings, joys, sorrows. And the only thing better than flowers are flower seeds.

    Seeds are the perfect gift for pretty much everyone. Tiny fragments of hope and potential and happiness waiting to happen. And now, finally, these perfect little things are enclosed in packages that do justice to the beauty of their contents. For the gardener in your life, for the person who deserves a treat and to feel loved, for that slightly tricky in-law that you really really want to impress.

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