Rucksack Magazine Volume 6

  • Rucksack Magazine Volume 6: the stories in this issue explore the theme of endless; deserted landscapes stretching beyond the limits of our imagination.

    Through ‘Endless’ Rucksack showcase vast, open deserts, desolate wastelands and roads cutting through dunes into the horizon. With visual stories from places such as the Namib Desert, Death Valley, and the Atacama, the pages glow with that fractured gleam of long, intense sunsets. It is easy to celebrate their effortless beauty, but they also explore the reality of what it means to face something that feels endless, and the negatives that can sit alongside this. Sometimes it is just as important to have an ending in sight, to have something concrete to progress towards. We realise that often, we need a beginning and an end to provide significance and meaning and that the absence of these can result in deep uncertainty. 

    - 136 pages, perfect bound
    - Printed on uncoated, 100% recycled paper
    - Printed and published in London, November 2019

  • Rucksack Magazine is an online journal and a printed bi-annual publication. Celebrating both written and visual storytelling and driven by a passion for adventure and photography. Stories, photo essays, photographer interviews and brand features. Working as a platform for new and emerging photographers and writers, connecting a global community of creative storytellers. For those with a thirst for adventure, those who want to create something new, something exciting. It is there to inspire, to excite and to mesmerise.

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