Rucksack Magazine Volume 7

  • Rucksack Magazine Vol 7: Abandoned. The stories in this issue explore the theme of abandoned; places once full of life and meaning left empty and forgotten. 

    Through ‘Abandoned’ we showcase neglected motels, deserted cities and derelict monuments. With visual stories from Pripyat, Svalbard, and the Furka Pass, our pages evoke both a depth and range of emotion; nostalgia, wonder and despair. Through written stories and essays, we consider the difference between what it means to abandon, and what it means to forget. We journey to Bodie along a deserted dirt track, wander through the silent streets of an empty city and visit a derelict amusement park. After a year that left us largely lacking in inspiration, we realised it can be found in the most unexpected of places. 

    - Featuring photography by Linus Bergman, João Bernardino, Yura Borschev, Lydia Harper, Joel Hyppönen, Michael McCluskey, Arnaud Montagard, Gareth Munden, Mirko Nicholson and Gergő Szilágyi.
    - Featuring writing by J R Patterson, Laura Pendlebury, Jennifer Smith and Thomas Wensma.
    - Printed and published in London, December 2020.

  • Rucksack Magazine is an online journal and a printed bi-annual publication. Celebrating both written and visual storytelling and driven by a passion for adventure and photography. Stories, photo essays, photographer interviews and brand features. Working as a platform for new and emerging photographers and writers, connecting a global community of creative storytellers. For those with a thirst for adventure, those who want to create something new, something exciting. It is there to inspire, to excite and to mesmerise.

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